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Earth Month 2018

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As an Aveda salon and spa, we too have committed to raising money and awareness in April to protect our Earth.  In 2007 Aveda made the decision to focus the funds on clean water efforts and choose Gulf Restoration Network https://www.healthygulf.org/ as our global partner.  Since then our Ihloff team has raised in excess of $100,000 for clean water efforts!  We also have a local partner, STIR, http://www.illinoisriver.org/ whose mission is “to Preserve & Protect the Illinois River”.

At Ihloff we start our Earth Month campaigning early.  In fact, if you see an ‘Ihloffer’ wearing jeans at work on Wednesdays or Saturdays you can know they are donating $5 to the Earth Month cause!  Here are some highlights of how our team is raising their donations, and what it means to them.

Janelle, Elite Master, South Memorial earth month janelle 2


“Earth Month is a wonderful time to raise awareness for our beautiful Earth.  It’s a time to come together and focus on how we can help others and bring balance back to the world.  The ocean always comes to mind during this month.  We at Ihloff and Aveda are always focusing on clean water and how even the littlest choices can make a difference.  For me it’s a rejuvenating trip to the coast or watching a breathtaking sunrise, I find renewal and inspiration to pour into others.

To raise my money I’ve created  Peace, Love, Earth shirts through my company Lynn & Lea!  Lynn & Lea is a company that was born of a heart in waiting and is growing into one that shares the hope and joy that comes with the love of home and family. This is my way of sharing that love with others and helping families create meaningful moments and memories through the products I create. Creating a home…crafting a life!  http://instagram.com/lynnandleaco

Mimi, Protégé, Utica Square

 earth month mimi 2

“It’s important to me because I know that there are people in third world countries that have to travel a distance to get water that might not even be clean.  It’s heartbreaking and I’m passionate about raising money and awareness for clean water for people who are not fortunate enough to have it at the tips of their fingers”


Mimi’s Korean Noodles

A yummy dish with noodles, carrots, onions, mushrooms, bean sprouts, bell peppers, sesame seeds, an Asian sauce, and chicken!

Maegan, Esthetician, Utica Squareearth month maegan 2

“Earth Month at Aveda means I get to become somewhat of an activist and join hands with some amazing people to help raise money in order to protect clean water around the world!  It’s a wonderful cause and we all get to have fun with the ways we raise the money.  I love seeing how my coworkers have donated their time to this, from baked goods to homemade jewelry, some of us even donate the services we offer in salon.  Had I not worked for Ihloff, I may have never had this opportunity to make an impact such as this.  Clean water is a global crises around the world and I’m happy to work for a company that recognizes that.  This year I am raising money by selling my homemade “crackcorn popcorn”.